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Are you sick of falling off the weight-loss wagon time & time again?
Do you need a way to ensure your lifestyle changes actually last?
If so, then you’re in the right place.
I’m Ali Greenman, a body transformation expert dedicated to helping my clients lose weight and improve their health through fitness coaching.

Let me take a wild guess...
  • You finally get the momentum going, then 1 bad day or week throws you off for good
  • All your friends want to eat out all the time, and you find it impossible to make the right choices at a restaurant
  • You spend hours on the treadmill but don’t seem to be losing any weight
  • ​You get more and more angry with yourself every day the scale doesn’t move
Ali Greenman, body transformation expert
I used to ride the weight loss struggle bus all the way to the Taco Bell drive thru (and McDonalds, and Wendy’s, and Arby’s…) I’ve started and given up on SO many diets, fad products and gimmicks searching for that magic pill that would make me lose weight.
Finally, I decided that enough was enough.
Ali Greenman, body transformation expert
It got to the point where my weight was making it impossible to do the things I wanted to do and live the life I wanted to live. 
One day I looked down at the scale, then I looked at myself in the mirror and thought “THIS is the final straw.” 
I made a final, non-negotiable decision to lose weight (for real this time) and that dedication absolutely changed my life. But that change didn’t happen overnight.
I started out by doing my research. I threw away all the fad diets and lose weight quick smoothies and developed my strategy from scratch. I knew that this time, it HAD to work. It was now or never.
Ultimately, it was the small, sustainable changes I made to my life that made all the difference. Reworking my mindset and behavior took dedication, but by being patient and focusing on one change at a time, I was able to build lasting weight-loss habits into my life.
Weight Watchers, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Popsugar Fitness
Now it’s your turn to lose that extra weight for good!
Introducing PT in Your Pocket 12-week online coaching program
I created Six Months to Sexy to take you past all the hype of the latest trends and straight to actual, real life, fitness success
When your coach is right there on your phone, it makes it super easy to stay on track and be excited to reach your fast-approaching goals! Trust me, you’ve already got that fire inside of you, all you need is a bit of guidance!

The stakes are high. This is your health. The cost of doing nothing (frustration, guilt, illness) is steep. The rewards for taking action are massive, from losing that extra weight to extending your life.
I’m here to inspire you every day. Think of me as your ultimate accountability buddy, motivating you to prepare healthy food, go to the gym, and build high-quality habits into your life.
I know from years of working with hundreds of women that your goals are achievable. I’ll help you build the body of your dreams.
Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get from our time together...
Mindset Training
You’ll get everything you need to know about fitness, nutrition, and building the mindset to get you in the headspace to keep you “on the wagon” for the rest of your life.
Custom Workouts
Worried about confusion and overwhelm? Your fitness program will be based on YOU. You’ll workout where you feel comfortable, and use whatever equipment is available.
Food + Diet Support
I’ll help you plan out healthy, sustainable meals that you’ll actually enjoy. Through video chats and daily check-ins, I’ll be there to make sure you never slip back or feel discouraged.
Ongoing Motivation
Sometimes all it takes is a nudge! I’ll coax you out of your comfort zone a little bit at a time until you don’t even remember what was keeping you stuck before we met.
Is Six Months to Sexy the right choice for you?
This program is perfect for you if...
  • You’re sick and tired of carrying around all that extra weight, shopping at special stores, and feeling uncomfortable in your own body
  • ​You feel motivated to make powerful, lasting changes to your body and mind.
  • ​You’re willing to work hard to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.
This program is NOT for you if...
  • You’re looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight and get fit.
  • ​You’re someone who doesn’t like to take action to get what you want out of life. You’d rather just wait and see what happens.
  • ​You aren’t willing to break out of your comfort zone and try new things.
Don’t wait another day! You’re just a click away...
Hear some of my clients' success stories...
Caroline N.
I just wanted to give a big shout out to the wonderful trainer extraordinaire, Ali Greenman
She and I have been working together virtually for just about four weeks, and I am feeling so good. I have been motivated by Ali to keep going with my workouts, even when I didn't necessarily want to.
I can feel my strength and tone increasing week by week, and the workouts she has created just for me are awesome.
She has helped me to love movement once again (I forgot for a while). If you get the opportunity to work with her, you will not regret it!! Thanks Ali!!
Caroline N.
Ali will be your #1 cheerleader. 
I came to her with a bad back, no gym membership, and very weak. I wanted to tone up, strengthen my back, keep my nutrition in check and shrink a little so my clothes fit better. 
Ladies, it hasn’t even been a month and my back doesn’t hurt, my clothes are fitting better, and I have muscle definition!!!! I workout at home and use my own weights and equipment ( no machines) she makes it work and I’m so impressed when I look in the mirror. I can’t wait to see what the next 9 weeks bring. 
Ali makes you want to hit personal bests, she makes you want to kill it, and she's there every step of the way and is ALWAYS available by text, Facebook or phone call. She’s so helpful and is just as excited as me when I hit goals, personal bests, or when I message her about killing my workout. She will be your #1 cheerleader and be with you every step of your fitness journey. 
Ali's encouraging, she pushes you, she’s holds you accountable and she cheers you on. She’s by far the best trainer I have ever had and exactly who I have been looking for, for a long time. If you have been thinking about taking the jump, do it. You won’t be disappointed.
Don’t wait another day! You’re just a click away...
Tina M.
Ali is an awesome freaking coach! 
The relationship that she builds with you is full of trust, honesty and friendship that you want to make her proud! 
My workout plan was created just for me and when I wanted more, she was right there, making alterations to the plan to ensure my needs were being met and my goals were attainable. 
Ali offers advice, checks in on you constantly and makes the environment safe for you to tell her if you messed up by missing workouts or had a poor diet. She’s always right there for me to turn it back around into something positive so I’m not beating myself up. She’s an awesome freaking coach and I can’t wait to see what my end results are!
Tina M.
Jenni M.
Ali is great! She answers all my questions and helps me plan workouts.
Whether I need gym routines or home routines, Ali jumps right in to help. When something changes for me, Ali changes also. Always my best cheerleader!
Jenni M.
Stephanie F.
I’ve worked with a few trainers over the past decade or so, and Ali is definitely heads above the rest.
Her workouts aren’t textbook; she caters her routines to the individual and while she pushes you to exceed your boundaries, she also recognizes limitations and builds workouts that will be effective regardless. Ali works with you without judgement and creates a safe place to help you realize your own potential. 
Stephanie F.
Theresa M.
Ali Greenman is an inspiration to those of us who are constantly battling with our weight.
She has taught me the importance of meal preparation, being accountable for my food choices, and the importance of working out on a regular basis. Ali is a great motivator, trainer, and friend!
Theresa M.
Don’t wait another day! You’re just a click away...
Sylvia O.
I had a mission when I first met Ali. 
My European trip home was fast approaching and I needed to trim down for it. So I set myself a goal and started my diet and exercise sessions with Ali.
Ali is a knowledgeable energetic fun understanding and very competent as a trainer. She encourages you, pushes your limits and works you hard from start to finish. You definitely know you have had a work out. Which I love. With all these wonderful attributes she is also special, because she herself has struggled with weight and has first hand experience of how we feel when we fall off the wagon or become frustrated.
I truly enjoy every workout which is always different and never boring. It's a shear pleasure to be working with Ali.
The biggest gift of all is the fact I am right on track for my mission and feel stronger and healthier than I have in some time.
Don't sit on the couch!! Get up and call Ali.
Sylvia O.
Nancy J.
I met Ali playing softball four years ago.
I was inspired by her tremendous commitment to bettering herself through a strict eating regimen and exercise routine and saw her get more and more ripped. I wanted that for myself and started working out with Ali two times a week. 
I was in a rut and working with Ali has really helped me mix up my workouts. She varies our exercises week to week to work on alternate muscle groups so it never feels repetitive. 
Not only that, Ali makes exercise fun. It never feels like a chore, but she also doesn't go easy on me, which I need because I can be lazy. 
Ali makes me work hard, and it's worth it. I am very satisfied with the results, and I have been getting many compliments on my arms and legs. I owe these compliments 100 percent to my amazing trainer, Ali Greenman. Thanks Ali!!
Nancy J.
Sharol D.
When I started working with Ali, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been
I couldn’t take a flight of stairs without getting winded, and if I got down on my knees to play with my granddaughter, I couldn’t get back up. I knew I was at my breaking point when as I was telling her these things, I began to cry. 
I felt so weak and disgusted and helpless. I had absolutely NO clue what I was doing; I just knew that I had to do something. I’m 52 years old, I have never been fond of working out, I hate sweating, and worst of all, I doubted that I would even go to the gym enough to ever see any results. In my mind, I failed before I even got started. 
She told me it’s good motivation and will track my progress. Each weigh in, I would text Ali and let her know my progress. I was losing at least 2 lbs of fat every 2 weeks and some weeks I even gained a couple pounds of muscle.
Ali would tell me how proud of me she is and remind me how far I’ve come and she would encourage me to “keep killing it!”
She leads me in workouts that challenge me, but don’t hurt me. I’ve never woken up the next day unable to walk or in crazy pain. She is encouraging me to push myself a little harder and to stay focused on my goals. 
I still can’t believe I’m going to the gym on a regular basis, but I know if I didn’t meet Ali that first day, I would not be. Thanks, Ali!
Sharol D.
Don’t wait another day! You’re just a click away...
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